- a matter of course

Service is one of the keywords for making a production run as smoothly as possible.

AVN Hydraulik spend a lot of resources on documentation and follow up for the customer.
AVN Hydraulik also use the most modern tools to ensure that all our projects are well-documented.

This means that we can go back in earlier projects and control down to the slightest detail if irregularities should occur. With automatic control we have the possibility to know if something is about to go wrong and in many cases it gives us the possibility to correct problems before they arise. AVN Hydraulik service power packs of our own and of our competitors'. Our service fitters and engineers are all over Denmark, so they can be at our customer's location within a short time. In addition, we always have a qualifies engineer available by phone - ready to assist you with constructive advices and suggestions.

Sales and service tel.:  +45 70 20 04 11

24-hour duty: +45 70 24 45 18

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