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Service and installation


Reliability and durability are important to users of hydraulic - therefore we offer a service where we come at regular intervals and maintain your hydraulic systems. We evaluate on-site oil quality and make any one oil analysis.
A service usually includes:
  • Replacing filters and control of oil
  • Adjusting the system and visual inspection for leaks
  • Hoses inspected for cracks or state
  • Control of accumulators
  • Review and update of hydraulic diagram
  • A description of the next service

Off-line filtration:

Studies from the Institute of Technology shows that 60% of faults in hydraulic systems are due to dirt in the oil, which causes loss of production and hence losses for the company. It will often be a good solution to mount an off-line filter for depth filtration of oil, which increases the lifespan significantly on oil and components.

Installation and assembly:

We have extensive experience in the installation of new facilities and renovation and relocation of existing facilities, both in Denmark and abroad. If the job requires, we will bring mobile workshop housed in a 20 foot container.
We have our own flush facility for flushing hydraulic piping after repair, refurbishment or new installations.

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