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About AVN Teknik

Who are AVN Teknik?
AVN Teknik has for more than 60 years supplied quality tools for the Danish industry, metal industry and automotive and construction industry. We have a large product range and over 30,000 articles

Your guarantee for quality!
We work with international suppliers and key agencies, when you deal with us, you get quality products from the best manufacturers and suppliers in the world, this is your guarantee for quality!

Our history
We were established in 1933, originally under the name Alfred V. Nielsen.
In the year 2000 the well known RABEN Group was acquired and merged into Alfred V. Nielsen. AVN Teknik was born. We are app. 18. The team consists of highly motivated external sales engineers and qualified persons in our customer service support.

AVN Teknik's product range are catagorized into four product groups:

Grinding Technique
Abrasives and polishing tools:
PFERD Abrasives and polishing tools
VITEX/ VSM Flexible abrasives

Production Technique
Cutting tools, tool holders and accessories:
WALTER, WALTER TITEX, WALTER Prototyp, Cutting tools
CARMEX Precision Tools
OML Work holding solutions
LINK Microjet lubricating systems
KEMMLER Tool holders and collets
IDG Hss drills

Assembly Technique
Customized technical solutions:
DESOUTTER Pneumatic tools
ASTECH Tension tools
SMART MOTION Ergonomic solutions balancing arms
SCHÄFER Automatic screw loaders
AVDEL Rivets

Handtools/ Auto tools
Pliers, hammers, files, ratchets, universal joints, bits, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets and tool trolleys.
HAZET Handtools and tool trolleys
Channellock Pliers and wrenches
PADRE Handtools
BUCO Hullers
SONIC Handtools and tool trolleys

Contact us
If there is anything we can do to help you, please contact us at avn.teknik@avn.dk
We are constantly seeking to expand our business!

For further information about prices, products and delivery times, please contact us.

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AVN Teknik A/S - Dalager 1 - DK-2605 Brøndby - Tel: +45 70 20 04 11 - Fax: +45 43 24 55 03 - avn.teknik@avn.dk