What does the restrictions mean to you?

COVID 19 restrictions

COVID19 briefing

The AVN Group follows the current guidelines from the Danish National Board of Health
In addition, we have initiated a number of measures to avoid the spread of COVID19 virus.

Visit from outside the AVN Group
Guests who are to visit the AVN Group's departments will only be admitted by prior arrangement with an AVN employee.

Door handles and toilets etc. are cleaned and sprayed regularly. 
Our employees desinfect hands every time they change to a new room and at the exit e.g. at the canteen. 

Customer Service
We keep warehouse, production and customer service open as usual.

You can order via our webshops, telephone and e-mail as you usually do.

Our external consultants are happy to visit you.

Service Technicians
Service, repairs and other tasks are provided by our service employees and technicians if you wish.

Protect Yourself and Others
It is important that both you and our employees feel safe and that the hygiene and distance precautions recomended are followed during the visit.

Of course, our employees comply with Your applicable rules to limit the spread of infection. 

Workshop and Production
Our workshops and production run as usual.

Unloading and Loading - Freight
We recommend that all external partners carry out loading and unloading in accordance with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's guidelines. 
Especially with a focus on hand hygiene and distance to our employees.

Protect Yourself and Others
Contact our staff if you have any questions.

AVN Group A/S - 19 February 2021