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A competent group
We are your strong hydraulics partner!

About us - we know how

A reliable hydraulic system that performs optimally - day in and day out - is the result of professional advice.

More than 80 competent employees contribute with their knowledge of hydraulics every day. Our employees are committed to helping you with your hydraulic tasks.

We offer service and repair of equipment, construction, production and maintenance of hydraulic systems and other existing equipment.

We perform hydraulic tasks on all equipment in industry, marine, wind, agriculture and offshore.

We are 

  • Certified Parker Hannifin accumulator service center
  • Distributor and authorized service partner for Parker Hannifin
  • Distributor and authorized service partner for Bosch Rexroth
  • Certified DS / EN ISO 9001: 2015

Construction and production of hydraulic systems

Our skilled engineers can design and manufacture hydraulic systems according to your wishes and specifications.

Our specialty is pumping stations, which we can produce - from 0.5 liters / min. up to 1,000 liters / min.

Renovation of hydraulic pumps and motors

At our service and repair workshops, we perform all types of repairs and tests on hydraulic pumps, cylinders and accumulators.

We perform service and repairs quickly so we can minimize downtime.

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How can we help you ensure a stable operation!

We offer installation, construction, service, repair and advice when it comes to hydraulics.

If you have problems with hydraulic components or hydraulic systems, you can always contact us 24 hours a day.