Onsite service and repair

Service and repair of hydraulics for offshore, marine
the oil and gas industry!

We are approved to perform hydraulic tasks for offshore and marine.

Extensive experience with drilling equipment

We have extensive experience with renovation and testing of drilling equipment.

We offer

  • Complete installation of filter systems
  • Repair and service of hydraulic cylinders
  • Installation and installation of pipe systems
  • Service and repair of hydraulic hoses onsite

We have extensive experience in servicing and repairing hydraulic systems for ferries, including decks, bow doors, bow propellers, filtration systems, spills and more.

Hydraulic components
A large stock of pipes, hoses and fittings in both galvanized and stainless steel, from leading hydraulics manufacturers ensures that we can act quickly.

Hydraulic hoses and fittings
If a hydraulic hose bursts, we have spare parts for replacement in stock.

We repair all types; valves, motors, hoses, fittings, cylinders, gearboxes, control panels, hydraulic units and pumps, etc.

Renovering af Varco PS-21

+45 70 20 04 11


+45 70 24 45 18

(Hydraulic Motors and Hydraulic Pumps)
+45 70 21 21 24

Opening hours
Monday – Thursday 7.30–16.00
Friday 7.30–15.00

Contact our specialists

External Sales

Lars Trebbien

Service Consultant - Zealand and Funen
Phone: +45 20 40 45 04
External Sales

Knud Knudsen

Hydraulic Engineer, Jutland
Phone: +45 21 15 53 20